C  h  r  i  s     W  a  s  h  i  n  g  t  o  n

Bachelors of Electrical Engineering

Texas A&M University

Graduating August 2002







Consistently demonstrate the ability to be a self-starter and take the initiative when appropriate.


Function well in a fast changing and highly challenging environment working both independently and with others.  


Effectively communicate with others on multiple levels and provide courteous service in all situations.


Bring a high level of enthusiasm combined with a sense of appreciation for my responsibilities.


Possess a strong understanding of electronics, computers, and all levels of programming that will help me excel in the understanding and application of my given tasks.


Eager to learn more as well as share what I learn with others to increase their abilities to solve problems and contribute to the company.


As the result of 18 months of co-op/internship opportunities, I have gained valuable experience functioning in the workplace as a dependable and proactive contributor to the goals of the company by taking ownership of my responsibilities.




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